Open weekdays 11:30am - 2am, Saturday 10:30am - 3am, Sunday 10:30am - Midnight
Welcome Aboard the Weather Mark Tavern

Join us here in the Chicago South Loop Area for the nautical atmosphere, great food and cold libations. Below are some testimonials from folks who have enjoyed our company and fine service.
Not your typical sports bar because they have good food with lots of options. I came in alone waiting for my best friend as I grabbed a high top table on a weekday evening. Lightly crowded, I got attention quickly and ordered a draft beer...
Saba A.
Thursday trivia is a definitely a highlight ... chili cheese tots that are as tasty as they sound, friendly as can be servers, and super comfy lounge seating.. It is the type of place, if you live nearby it, could definitely become your Cheers.
Danny W.
The Weather Mark Tavern was featured on CLTVs metromix show
Summer Jackson
...there are food and booze specials throughout the night!
Megan Roberts
A wonderful addition to the South Loop scene! this nautically themed restaurant, with sails as table dividers, serves up delicious food and tasty specialty drinks
Staff Writer
Smart Move! The food ended up being the highlight of our visit!
Bar Exam: Chad Schiegel